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Are you writing a story other people would like to read… and some updates

English: Map of Austin, Texas
English: Map of Austin, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been a while since I posted, been super busy so I’m not complaining, much anyway.

The first round of edits came back from book 3, I still don’t know what I want the title to be. Either Reckoning or Saul. If you’ve read the first two books, hopefully you have, this story takes up with David and Miriam’s Reckoning and gives us the backstory on Saul. How he became a Guardian. I finished up my edits, I normally do two passes. The first pass agrees or disagrees with the edit suggestions and fill in any gaps I might have left out. Then pass 2 is another general edit. And last night it went back to the Editor.

Awesome day of writing this morning, I think I got my 3500 words done in an hour and a half. I read something somewhere that asked a good question. If you don’t like writing what you’re writing, do you think someone would like reading it. The answer to that of course is no. I enjoy writing. I have written every day (almost) since March 14th. I had a good weekend too. I joined a Iron Man writers contest, I didn’t enter, didn’t expect to win, but it gave me a good excuse. At the end of book 4 there is a hanging thread about an incident that happens or will happen (or maybe it won’t) happen in Austin Texas. Last Saturday I wrote that story, 10k + change in one day. I’m not so pleased about the word count, but the fact that I wrote a complete story in ten thousand words. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I did. I enjoyed it, I did skip writing on Sunday and then back in the saddle again on Monday.

In the summer reading camp I’m 68k words into book 6. I think I should have expanded my goal a bit (it’s 100k). Ton of different things happening. I don’t think I’m giving away too much when I say Isaac is doing his Reckoning and he is running into some problems.

A reminder – next week Books 1 and 2 will be free. Stay tuned to Facebook, G+, and the blog and we’ll remind you.

Enjoy your day!!

12 Guardians Book 1 – FREE

author and listener
author and listener (Photo credit: glasseyes view)

The first book in our series will be free June 23, 24, 25.  You can click here to get it.

I think I’ve decided on an ending for Book 5, I wanted more to happen, but guess it isn’t going to unless it goes really long (more than 100k words), so I decided to just end it at a good point (a nice climax) and then start working on the next. Who knows I may even finish it this coming week. Got a note from my editor the next round is going nicely, I’m getting kind of anxious, but I guess that’s something that goes with it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve given you my word count –

Friday – 3600
Saturday – 3721
Sunday – 3612
Monday – 3600
Tuesday – 3608
Weds. – Combine
Thursday – Combine
Friday – 3511
Saturday – 3500
Sunday – 3531

On the two combine days, I took parts from a previous stories and put them in a different point of view. Something new, different and I found it to be fun.

To twist or not to twist

Plot twists
Plot twists (Photo credit: sgs_1019)

Wrote 3,150 words today. Another good day. A reminder, one of the reasons I write a word count here everyday is to keep myself accountable. If I get distracted or bummed, I just remind myself that I have to tell you guys how many words I wrote today.

So we’re starting to wrap up the second story. There are two threads within it. I was writing both of them for awhile, and then I decided to focus on one, when I get that one done, I’ll work on the other one. So the first thread is almost done. I’m trying to think if I want to kill a character off – and use that for a bit of another plot twist, OR not kill him off. I think I’m leaning more to the killing him off. I should have completed that bit by tomorrow and then I’ll share what happened.

Still haven’t gotten any feedback from the beta readers yet. But we’ll see.

I think probably what we’ll do is finish up on book 2 – then work on editing them really hard. I think I’ll probably continue writing the next one, already know what it’s going to be about. The goal is of course to publish one a month, from now thru December – starting in May. I think if I work hard enough I will be able to do it, after all I’m a firm believer in the fact that you can do whatever you want to do, if you work hard enough.

Now back to “work” for me, hope you enjoy your evening.