How to Order the Incident

dad-signingWe have several different ways you can order The Incident. A couple of notes first:

1. With Amazon I have a minimum amount I can charge. I have used the minimum for the soft cover and it is still expensive, because of the color images.
2. The ebook will be free, probably in the middle of November and then after Christmas. Follow my facebook page and you’ll find the latest updates and when prices change. Here is the link to the FB page –

If you’re local and buy the book, Dad would be happy to sign a copy for you. You can find him at the Hazard Nursing Home, every Weds., around 1:30pm, and at the Bulan Community Baptist Church at 9:30 am every Sunday morning.

From Amazon –

Ebook – $4.99. Click here to order.
If you’re a member of Amazon Prime you can read it for FREE.

The paperback / softcover with full color images. $42.38 – Click Here to Order.

From Lulu –

You can order a hardback from Lulu. The hardback has black and white images. $29.89 – Click Here to Order.

If you order from Lulu, the book has to be printed first and then is shipped. You can get discounts from Lulu if you sign up for their newsletter.

I have written several other books – you can find those here.

From Me –

Currently I have FIVE paperback books in stock – started out with TEN today. You can order using the link below, or you can leave me a message on Facebook.

We’ll get Dad to sign them, then either you pick them up, or we’ll ship them.

Paperback Copy – you pick up – $30.00 –  (the order will be processed through Paypal – Tisa Enterprises is the name of our company)

After we get them signed, the next Saturday we’ll be at the Perry County Library for a couple of hours in the morning. You can pick the book up then (or at the Nursing Home / Bulan Church).

Paperback Copy – shipped – insured with tracking – $40.00
Choose Pickup or Ship – Then Click “Add to Cart” – Need more than 1? Change the Quantity in the box and then choose update.

Pickup or Ship

Questions – send me a note.

We currently have five paperback books in stock.






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