The Incident – Black and White Edition – Live on Amazon

The Incident Black and White images, paperback edition is now live on Amazon. Here is the link.

the-incidentA few notes and things that I learned.

1. Color images are much more expensive than black and white photos. I knew that they probably would be, I had no idea they would make it double.

2. Create Space has a pretty cool cover creator.

3. Even though you can proof it online, ALWAYS order at least one proof. This will help you find some mistakes that might not be so evident when you’re not holding the book in your hand.





Black and White Version of the Incident

We are working on creating a ‘cheaper’ paperback version of The Incident. This edition will have black and white images (it was the color pictures that increased the cost) and will hopefully be done by the beginning of next week. I’ll post a note on our Facebook page and here when it is ‘live’ on Amazon.

Update: I have ordered a proof – it should be here by Feb. 11th. If it looks good then it should be live by Valentine’s Day.

We’ve been working hard on our 14th book – I don’t know what the title will be but we’re about 30 thousand words into it. Also we will begin editing the 12 Guardians.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


picsI just wanted to give you a quick update of what we’ve been up to lately.

  1. Got a check from James Bell yesterday, I contributed to his book that will be coming out – I think sometime this Summer, “Jesus Talked to Me”. I am supposed to be getting an advance copy and I’ll post a review when I’ve finished reading it.
  2. We’re continuing to write – my goal this year is a thousand words a day (every day) and so far we’ve kept that up.
  3. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be working on making a paperback of The Incident with black and white images, that should bring the cost of the paperback down quite a bit. I knew that adding color images would cause the price to increase a bit, but I was wrong, it made it much more expensive.
  4. Dad continues to do well – his 80th birthday is this week and we’ll be celebrating!

An Update

nanoJust wanted to give you a quick update. We’re doing the Nanowrimo again this year. Currently we’ve written about 30,000 words. Our goal is 2k words per day, so far we’ve been able to hit those goals consistently.

I think we’re going to have some ebook giveaways, maybe next week (note to self, make that happen).

I love writing, as you guys know. The book I’m writing is a little different for me. When I’m finished I’ll send you some bits from the story.

Enjoy your week.

How to Order the Incident

dad-signingWe have several different ways you can order The Incident. A couple of notes first:

1. With Amazon I have a minimum amount I can charge. I have used the minimum for the soft cover and it is still expensive, because of the color images.
2. The ebook will be free, probably in the middle of November and then after Christmas. Follow my facebook page and you’ll find the latest updates and when prices change. Here is the link to the FB page –

If you’re local and buy the book, Dad would be happy to sign a copy for you. You can find him at the Hazard Nursing Home, every Weds., around 1:30pm, and at the Bulan Community Baptist Church at 9:30 am every Sunday morning.

From Amazon –

Ebook – $4.99. Click here to order.
If you’re a member of Amazon Prime you can read it for FREE.

The paperback / softcover with full color images. $42.38 – Click Here to Order.

From Lulu –

You can order a hardback from Lulu. The hardback has black and white images. $29.89 – Click Here to Order.

If you order from Lulu, the book has to be printed first and then is shipped. You can get discounts from Lulu if you sign up for their newsletter.

I have written several other books – you can find those here.

From Me –

Currently I have FIVE paperback books in stock – started out with TEN today. You can order using the link below, or you can leave me a message on Facebook.

We’ll get Dad to sign them, then either you pick them up, or we’ll ship them.

Paperback Copy – you pick up – $30.00 –  (the order will be processed through Paypal – Tisa Enterprises is the name of our company)

After we get them signed, the next Saturday we’ll be at the Perry County Library for a couple of hours in the morning. You can pick the book up then (or at the Nursing Home / Bulan Church).

Paperback Copy – shipped – insured with tracking – $40.00
Choose Pickup or Ship – Then Click “Add to Cart” – Need more than 1? Change the Quantity in the box and then choose update.

Pickup or Ship

Questions – send me a note.

We currently have five paperback books in stock.






Video Interview

In the book we mention that we asked Dad some questions. Here is that video interview.

Movie on 8-30-15 at 8.32 AMI kept asking Dad to write something to put in his book… he kept putting me off so I decided to interview him… here it is 🙂

Posted by Tim Hamblin on Sunday, August 30, 2015

Things I learned when publishing The Incident

What I learned
What I learned

Every time I publish a book, I learn something. Which is a good thing. Yesterday I put the finishing touches on the ebook files for The Incident. This book was different than all of the others. Here are some things I learned, and maybe it will help you (if you’re publishing a book).

  1. Indiegogo campaigns are fun and can raise some much needed funds. When you’re deciding on the prices for your offers, make sure that you add a little for profit, and then add a little more for things that will go wrong. This holds true especially if you include shipping in the price. I think all of mine I will just about break even.
  2. This also was my first Hardback copy. I used Lulu for this service. I thought they would be like Create Space. They aren’t. The biggest difference is that when you order the books, it then takes 6-8 days to print the book, and then they ship it to you. Make sure you figure this into your timelines. Just ordered the Indie books from Lulu, delivering to the folks will depend on when these get here.
  3. Create Space – I’ve been using them for a long time, for paperback books. The Incident has pictures and a ton of different headings and things. My fiction books I had always just uploaded the word doc and things turned out OK. The Incident every time that I uploaded it, the reviewer was always different. Not by much. But even a little difference throws all of the other things off. I got tired to redoing it over and over again, so I did some research. What I should have done first. They way you can make sure it looks exactly the same is to create the file as a pdf – then it is the same. I have a little bit of concern that the images won’t be as crisp as the word doc. I should get the proof today and if things look good (fingers crossed) then I’ll order 20 of them to take care of the Indie orders.
  4. It had been awhile since I published, so I stumbled around to figure out what I had been doing. When you figure it out, create a checklist and save it where you won’t forget where you put it.

I hope that helps you a bit. I’ll make sure and post here and on FB when the Incident is live.

Update on The Incident

Wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of “The Incident” here is the cover. We’re in the final stages of editing then we’ll be formatting and send it for a proof copy from the printers. I hope to get that finished this week.


Next Book – The Incident – Indiegogo Campaign

I have talked before about writing a book that tells the story about what happened to Dad. Well we now have an Indiegogo campaign.

Click Here

The main reason is to see how many hard copies that we need to purchase. If you’re interested make sure you join, if not then we should be live in Amazon sometime in October.

I took a road trip with Dad yesterday to Lexington and we had a visit with his spine doctor. Everything went well and the doctor released him, said that he didn’t need to see him again unless there was some kind of problem, which was wonderful news and we did a happy dance all the way back to the elevator.

If you have any friends that might want a copy of the book, you can forward this link along to them and I hope you have a wonderful week!

I’m glad July is almost over…

This summer has been rough, especially July. Today makes the third and fourth funeral visitation we’ve been to. None of them were immediate family members, thankfully.

My barber who cut my hair from when I was a toddler till I left to go to college passed away. I have a whole lot of fond memories of him and the barber shop full of manly smells and gossip. Ladies, don’t think that men don’t gossip too. He was a veteran and as I grew older I asked him about those times and he was happy to share them.

One of my best friends father in law passed away after a battle with Alzheimers. An interesting thing is he always remembered his dog’s name. I’m not sure if that is common, but he did. He was one of my teacher’s in college.

One of my Father In Law’s best friends (and mine too) died. Again many wonderful memories of him and his family. He was one of those guys that had you laughing from the moment he arrived until he left. I laughed so much many times that I cried. He also cared a whole lot from my daughter, always buying her a nice Christmas present. When his garden ‘came in’ he would bring us loads of fresh beans and other things. Again he will be missed.

My dad’s room mate while he was in the nursing home passed away. I talked to him for many hours while my Dad was still out of it.

I tell you this not to depress you, but to remind you that life is short for all of us. Spend time with your family and friends while you have a chance. Don’t take them for granted. Dad’s incident has been a grime reminder to me that your life can change in an instant.


Just another Work in Progress