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When we find out the links for Amazon and Lulu – we’ll put them here. We’ll also include videos and images and updates on my Dad’s condition.

The Incident – Black and White Edition – Live on Amazon

The Incident Black and White images, paperback edition is now live on Amazon. Here is the link.

the-incidentA few notes and things that I learned.

1. Color images are much more expensive than black and white photos. I knew that they probably would be, I had no idea they would make it double.

2. Create Space has a pretty cool cover creator.

3. Even though you can proof it online, ALWAYS order at least one proof. This will help you find some mistakes that might not be so evident when you’re not holding the book in your hand.





Black and White Version of the Incident

We are working on creating a ‘cheaper’ paperback version of The Incident. This edition will have black and white images (it was the color pictures that increased the cost) and will hopefully be done by the beginning of next week. I’ll post a note on our Facebook page and here when it is ‘live’ on Amazon.

Update: I have ordered a proof – it should be here by Feb. 11th. If it looks good then it should be live by Valentine’s Day.

We’ve been working hard on our 14th book – I don’t know what the title will be but we’re about 30 thousand words into it. Also we will begin editing the 12 Guardians.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Video Interview

In the book we mention that we asked Dad some questions. Here is that video interview.

Movie on 8-30-15 at 8.32 AMI kept asking Dad to write something to put in his book… he kept putting me off so I decided to interview him… here it is 🙂

Posted by Tim Hamblin on Sunday, August 30, 2015