Be A Spark

sparksteamWe need SPARKS. What is a spark, glad you asked. It’s someone that would like to help us spread the word about our books. A tiny spark can start a raging wildfire. It’s easy to become a spark.

1. You must enjoy our book(s). If you don’t then I’m sure you wouldn’t want to promote it.
2. You must have one of the following – A Google Plus account, facebook account, twitter or blog. It’s OK if you have all of them.

What we’ll ask you to do. Occasionally, no more than a couple of times a month, we’ll post on a social media account and ask you to share the post. You will not share every post we make, just the ones we tell you to. On the posts we want you to share we’ll include the #spark tag.

What you’ll get, a chance to read our stories first, we’ll be having contests, and giveaways and coupons just for you. We’ll be choosing our beta readers from this group, more details of that will be provided later. If you have any questions, you can comment on this page or send us a note.

The first step is to sign up for the Spark Newsletter. This will be no more than once a week, but give you details about what we’re working on, or maybe point you to a blog post we’ve made. We also want to thank you in advance for helping us out, we truly appreciate it.

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