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Scene Checklist for New Writers – Over twenty tips for selling your WIP

The Checklist of Fantastic Literature
The Checklist of Fantastic Literature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope your week is going well. Can’t really believe we are already to Weds. It’s been a crazy week around here, working, helping my daughter get ready for Semester tests. I really think I could have passed her History exam with flying colors. I know I should have been putting some good stuff here, but hopefully I will make up for it today, with two awesome bits of information. Note I also use this page as my personal bookmark tool.

First a scene checklist, these are things you’ll want to make sure are in every scene you write. I know you’ve read a book before and were like, lets skip all of this boring stuff. This will help people to actually read your book. Good stuff.


I’m not sure if I’ve talked about Writer’s Cafe. I will tell you it is a treasure trove of goodness. Not only can you learn from people who are actually selling books, but you can also ask questions, and I really love when someone tells you how well they’re doing. A great post (I think it was from yesterday) about a ton of things you can do in order to sell more books. Here’s the link.


Hope you have a wonderful day. Below are the writing numbers from the past few days.

Saturday – 3600

Sunday 3567

Monday – 3550

Tuesday – 3677

Weds – 3673

Friday – :o)

English: The First Moviola?
English: The First Moviola? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday, it’s Friday. Hope your week has gone well and hopefully you have a weekend planned full of fun things. This weekend I will be spending most of it editing book number 2. I’m really not that into editing yet, but hey hopefully it will grow on me. The goal of course with editing is to sculpt your writing into something you’ll be proud of and readers will want to read, and of course want to tell someone to read it as well.

Next week we’ll be working on Book 3 and then hopefully we’ll be done with editing for awhile… although I don’t think that will happen.

I found a couple of links you may find fun.

What is your writing like –


A very fun little site. Just posts bits of your WIP and it will tell you who you write like – or at least it will try to do that.

If you’re wondering why most of the advice you see tells you something like, “write more books”, this may be why.


I wrote 3589 words today. Bringing my total this week to – 17899. Enjoy your weekend.