Friday – :o)

English: The First Moviola?
English: The First Moviola? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday, it’s Friday. Hope your week has gone well and hopefully you have a weekend planned full of fun things. This weekend I will be spending most of it editing book number 2. I’m really not that into editing yet, but hey hopefully it will grow on me. The goal of course with editing is to sculpt your writing into something you’ll be proud of and readers will want to read, and of course want to tell someone to read it as well.

Next week we’ll be working on Book 3 and then hopefully we’ll be done with editing for awhile… although I don’t think that will happen.

I found a couple of links you may find fun.

What is your writing like –

A very fun little site. Just posts bits of your WIP and it will tell you who you write like – or at least it will try to do that.

If you’re wondering why most of the advice you see tells you something like, “write more books”, this may be why.

I wrote 3589 words today. Bringing my total this week to – 17899. Enjoy your weekend.