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An Update

nanoJust wanted to give you a quick update. We’re doing the Nanowrimo again this year. Currently we’ve written about 30,000 words. Our goal is 2k words per day, so far we’ve been able to hit those goals consistently.

I think we’re going to have some ebook giveaways, maybe next week (note to self, make that happen).

I love writing, as you guys know. The book I’m writing is a little different for me. When I’m finished I’ll send you some bits from the story.

Enjoy your week.

Book 4 Final Edits – Nanowrimo

Finish Line
Finish Line (Photo credit: jayneandd)

Happy Friday. Hope you had a wonderful week. We’ve been busy here. Today I (after I write this) I will finish the edits for Book 4 – The Nest. I’ll work on the covers this weekend and hopefully early next week it will be live.

I have enjoyed writing it and editing it. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Nanowrimo has started. I was browsing the forums this morning and some of those people are crazy. They have a goal of 75,000 words by saturday. I have no idea why anyone would want to do that. I enjoy participating, but it definitely isn’t the only time I write. I try and write every day, whether there is a Nano going on or not. My goal is 3k words a day, with is slightly above what I normally write. When I am finished with November I want to have finished Book 8 and start on Book 9. The goal is to have all twelve finished by this summer, and I think I can hit my goal.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Final Edits Book 4 – and a Cat

English: On button Polski: włączony
English: On button Polski: włączony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received the final revisions from my editor yesterday. Now I just need to working on checking them, formatting, finishing the covers and then hit the publish button. I should have that finished sometime next week, the goal is to have everything go up on the 1st. But I also thought about getting the paperback finished, then reviewing it, then publishing it. If I do that then it might be after the 1st. We’ll see how things go. It is good to know though that within the next couple of weeks, “The Nest” will be out there. I enjoyed writing the book and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

We have two dogs and last weekend my daughter rescued a cat from a box beside the store she works at. So we’ve been busy with it, unfortunately Lisa and Haley are both really allergic to it so we’ve been working on finding it a new home. Needless to say this has not been an easy process at all.

Book 8 is coming along nicely. The goal is to finish writing it during Nanowrimo. Then finish 9 (Dec, Jan), 10 (Feb, Mar), 11 (April, May) and 12 (June, July). After that I’m not sure what I will write, I guess I will sit down at the keyboard and just start hitting some keys.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend – I know I will be working!!