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Book 4 Final Edits – Nanowrimo

Finish Line
Finish Line (Photo credit: jayneandd)

Happy Friday. Hope you had a wonderful week. We’ve been busy here. Today I (after I write this) I will finish the edits for Book 4 – The Nest. I’ll work on the covers this weekend and hopefully early next week it will be live.

I have enjoyed writing it and editing it. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Nanowrimo has started. I was browsing the forums this morning and some of those people are crazy. They have a goal of 75,000 words by saturday. I have no idea why anyone would want to do that. I enjoy participating, but it definitely isn’t the only time I write. I try and write every day, whether there is a Nano going on or not. My goal is 3k words a day, with is slightly above what I normally write. When I am finished with November I want to have finished Book 8 and start on Book 9. The goal is to have all twelve finished by this summer, and I think I can hit my goal.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.