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First Contract

Received a good note in the inbox a couple of days ago. I submitted a short story to be included in a book of them. Here is a quote from the email.

Good news for you today….Jim chose your submission to be in Jesus Talked to Me Today, and so far the Bethany House editors have approved your story as part of this compilation. I’ll get contracts to you in the next week or so.
The short I sent in was about an incident that happened to me a couple of months after  Mom passed away when I was seven. This will be the first book related contract that I’ve signed so I think it will be interesting.
Hope you had a great holiday weekend and enjoy your week this week.

First paperback proof is on its way…

september (Photo credit: Alessandro Bonino)

I have just completed the first round of submissions for my first paperback. It will include the first three books in the 12 Guardians series. My proof is on it’s way to me, I’ll then check it out and if it looks ok then it will be approved and ready to sale. Hope to have it online and ready for sale sometime next week. The goal to have the digital version of that book will be the first of September.

My edits are coming along nicely for book 5. Book 4 is still at the editor. Book 7 continuing to write, as I’ve mentioned before I usually write threads, this book has two main threads, one in Jesus time and the other now. I am almost done with the now thread and then I’ll start on the Jesus one. So I guess you could say I’m getting close to halfway there. This has been a harder book to write for a number of different reasons, I don’t want to go into details or I would spoil it for you, but I’m excited I’m halfway there. Like I’ve mentioned before, sometimes my characters start to go way off track and do their own thing, which is fine with me, sometimes it’s just hard to corral them back by the last page.

I will be giving some hints on creating your createspace masterpiece probably sometime next week, I’ll send some pictures when I have  my proof.  Also if I don’t speak with you before next week I hope you and your family have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

Book 2 – John the Baptist is Available Now

12Guardians2-finalsmallBook 2, John the Baptist is finished and available for you to purchase.


It’s been a busy week.

Finished up the cover design and the blurb. Also finished my first pass edits for book 3, sent that to the Editor.

Also completed writing on Book 5 and started writing Book 6. on Monday.

If you’re a writer and need some motivation there is still time to join camp Nanowrimo.  http://campnanowrimo.org/

So been busy, the dust should clear out a bit next week and I’ll be able to make a more proper post.

Book 5 finished – Book 2 John the Baptist sent for final edits and proofreading.

Tomb of St. John the Baptist at a Coptic monas...
Tomb of St. John the Baptist at a Coptic monastery in Lower Egypt. The bones of St. John the Baptist were said to have been found here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every have one of those days when everything flowed smoothly. I had that kind of day yesterday. I woke up at 3 am East coast time, I had to do my work early because I was taking a road trip with my daughter. I got book 5 finished, sent book 2 for the final edits, and I got my rough outline done for book 6.  Besides that I got to spend the entire day with my daughter. So a truly awesome day.

I’m taking a few days off from writing. Not because I can’t write, I just have a bunch of different things I need to be doing and I’ll be finishing two different works in July. I’ll be working on Book 6, tentatively title Wine, Water and a Wake. I’ll also be doing a writing sprint when I finish a short in one day (around 10k words). You’ll get that book free. I also want to work on getting the cover finished before the first.

So book 2 – John the Baptist, will be up on Amazon in July, and the third book will be there in August.

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday to.

Here’s the words I’ve written over the past week or so.

Monday – 3652
Tuesday – 3517
Weds – 507