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Book 2 – John the Baptist is Available Now

12Guardians2-finalsmallBook 2, John the Baptist is finished and available for you to purchase.


It’s been a busy week.

Finished up the cover design and the blurb. Also finished my first pass edits for book 3, sent that to the Editor.

Also completed writing on Book 5 and started writing Book 6. on Monday.

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So been busy, the dust should clear out a bit next week and I’ll be able to make a more proper post.

Book 5 finished – Book 2 John the Baptist sent for final edits and proofreading.

Tomb of St. John the Baptist at a Coptic monas...
Tomb of St. John the Baptist at a Coptic monastery in Lower Egypt. The bones of St. John the Baptist were said to have been found here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every have one of those days when everything flowed smoothly. I had that kind of day yesterday. I woke up at 3 am East coast time, I had to do my work early because I was taking a road trip with my daughter. I got book 5 finished, sent book 2 for the final edits, and I got my rough outline done for book 6.  Besides that I got to spend the entire day with my daughter. So a truly awesome day.

I’m taking a few days off from writing. Not because I can’t write, I just have a bunch of different things I need to be doing and I’ll be finishing two different works in July. I’ll be working on Book 6, tentatively title Wine, Water and a Wake. I’ll also be doing a writing sprint when I finish a short in one day (around 10k words). You’ll get that book free. I also want to work on getting the cover finished before the first.

So book 2 – John the Baptist, will be up on Amazon in July, and the third book will be there in August.

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday to.

Here’s the words I’ve written over the past week or so.

Monday – 3652
Tuesday – 3517
Weds – 507