Hot and Cold – work on finsihing book 3

Heat Pump
Heat Pump (Photo credit: Indiana Public Media)

Hope your day has gone well. It can’t really decide if we want to have Summer or Winter here. In the morning temps are in the 30’s in the afternoon they approach 80, so my heat pump doesn’t know whether it wants to be on or off.

I actually have spent some time this week editing my first book, before sending it to my editor, sounds a bit counter-intuitive I know. I’ve also been writing like crazy on the 3rd novel in the series, I think we should be finished with it probably early next week. I’ve also got in mind what the series arch is going to be – all twelve books. I know it’s ambitious, after all, don’t even have one book out yet. I think one thing I’m going to do is outline a bit more, maybe a really flexible outline. I need to do this for a couple of different reasons. After you finish your work, you’ll be needing to make a rough outline anyway… just to make sure you don’t repeat yourself and things make more sense. I’ve about got the titles / what the other nine books are going to be about.

I wrote 3527 today. I’ve told you before I’ve been participating in the camp Nano – don’t think any of my bunk mates have taken it seriously or maybe they’ve gotten busy with life. My goal was 50k words and I’ve hit 76,853 woot woot. I have to take one of my poochs to the vet tomorrow. Really don’t like doing that but it is one of those necessary things.

Enjoy your evengin.