Close but no cigar

English: Cigar band from a Fonseca cigar from ...
 Cigar band from a Fonseca cigar from the collection of Tim Davenport. Scanned for Wikipedia. Some digital editing performed, no copyright claimed. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Came very close to finishing book 3 today, in fact I thought I was going to finish, but my characters had something different in mind and so I didn’t. You guys ever have that problem.. or is it just me. I think for sure I should be finished by tomorrow. Then I’m going to finish my bit of editing all three of them, then I’m going to start on the next book. Of course I really hate skipping writing a day. I actually thought about doing that for three seconds, then changed my mind. So tomorrow will be a full day of editing and writing. Sunday will be probably at least a half a day of editing, and hopefully I’ll have book 1 in good enough shape to send to the editor.

Should have my first book out there in May, if things go well. I’ve heard about folks that edit there books to death, I’ve learned in business there comes a point when you have to move forward, it is impossible to make something perfect. Maybe I’ll publish on my birthday. Did a lot of other things that took a lot of time today, got a cool gig to go to with my daughter tonight as we celebrate her artwork at school. I can’t draw a stickman – she can do so much more. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll probably talk to you on Monday and tell you how things went.

Words today – 3548