Update – The Ice Storm that Wasn’t…

English: A train blocked by snowdrifts in Sout...
English: A train blocked by snowdrifts in Southern Minnesota, USA, 1881. Deutsch: ein Zug hat sich im Schnee festgefahren, südlicher Teil Minnesotas, USA, 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been a bit since I’ve posted, just wanted to give you a quick update.

The winter storm from last week was different. The forecast had us getting up to 3/4 inch of ice. We received a tenth of an inch of ice (thank God, all those prayers helped), about four inches of sleet, and then a couple of inches of snow on top of that. It made for an interest snow, that crunched as I walked my dog. It didn’t want to go away either, so we had snow till Friday. Today it’s supposed to be 70 degrees and tomorrow we are supposed to have some snow again.

I’ve been continuing to write on Book 9. My goal is to finish this month and in April we’ll be participating in Camp Nanowrimo (it will be our third time) and the goal will be to get 90k words written in April, which should mean book 10 will be mostly finished. June and July we’ll work on finishing book 11 and then August and September will be book 12. Those are the goals anyway. I’ve learned too that if you share your goals with someone, that means that you are more likely to achieve them.

We’re editing Book 6 and saving our money so that we can get that done in April. It costs about $800+. Thankfully I’m looking at writing books as a long term investment, if I was waiting till I had made a profit, I fear I would have been still waiting after writing book 1.

That’s my update – what have you been up to.

Camp Nano – https://campnanowrimo.org/sign_in