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Edits, proofs and other stuff

proofWhat a busy week it has been. I would say I’m glad it’s Friday but I’ll be working this weekend on trying to finish my third edits on Book 4. I hope to have it finished by next week sometime. I have a few passages I need to add. I don’t know if I have mentioned it or not, but in the fourth book, you’ll also get a short for free!! Free is always good.

Monday was Labor Day, I usually work on that particular holiday and I did this year as well. On Tuesday my proof copy cam for my payper back book. That’s the photo you see on this page. It looked good and I approved it so next week sometime it should be up on Amazon. Next week I should also be finished doing the digital version and we’ll offer both of them at the same time. I really like Amazon’s new program, where you buy the paperback and get the digital version for free or at a super discounted price. I’ll be playing with the prices.

Weds, I got my first edits back, so been working on trying to get those finished. I’ve given myself a week. I do not enjoy editing as much as I do writing, but it’s all part of the process that makes it a book you want to read.

Hope you have a good weekend and hope you get a chance to do something fun!