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Book 12 – The beginning of the End

A picture of my daughter Haley, Dad and me, in acute Rehab
A picture of my daughter Haley, Dad and me, in acute Rehab

Hope your New Year is going well. I’ve been writing every day 2k words, I guess I should say 2k / every week day. I am happy with that, especially since my Dad has been in the hospital since the middle of October. We have been in so many hospital rooms, I feel like I can do a Trip Advisor for best places to stay… or not stay. He is doing much better. We are in the final room (I hope) the acute rehab at our local hospital. He has two more weeks of therapy there and then we get to take him home. That will be when the real work for us starts as we get to take care of him full time, I’ll be doing the morning shift, but have my laptop and hope to get my two k in during that time.

I started a story while my dad was in the hospital in Lexington, I thought when I was writing that it would be something new, and then it evolved into the beginning of Book 12. I’m at 32k words, so things are progressing nicely.

I can tell you this about book 12, it starts out in a hospital, but it doesn’t end in one.

It’s supposed to be below zero here tonight, I like the winter, but I like it much better when its around the freezing point. I hope you stay safe and enjoy your family.