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The Nest – Paperback Available

The Nest - Christian Thriller
The Nest – Christian Thriller

Hope you survived Black Friday, well I guess if you’re reading this, then you did.

The Nest is now available as a paperback – you can find it here – Click Me

Also Amazon is offering a great coupon code today. 30% off any book (with a maximum discount of $10) via coupon code “BOOKDEAL”. There is a limit of one use per customer and account. Kindle books and Audible audiobooks are excluded. Deal ends December 2 at 3 am ET.

Having fun with book 8, just passed 100,000 words. I’m enjoying the process. I’m not sure yet how long it’s going to be.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Book Publishing – Last Minute Checklist

Use Recommendations
Use Recommendations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the first book is up on Amazon. One of the things you want to do as an author is work on getting accepted into Amazon’s Affiliate Program. I’m waiting on that before I put up the book links here. Approval takes 24 hours. Any money I make from that I’ll be reinvesting it with my readers. Hopefully we’ll be able to give some gift certificates away before Christmas.

The last week has been a flurry of activity. Here’s what you want to make sure you have ready when you submit your book.
1. Title
2. Categories
3. Keywords
4. Cover
5. Description
6. Price
7. To KDP or no KDP

Since I have some free time now, before I start editing my 3rd book. We’ll have a post every day talking about each of those points.

We’re making some good progress on Book 4. Here’s what we’ve written over the past few days.

Weds. – 3759
Thursday – 3554
Friday – 3634
Saturday – 3619
Sunday – 3561
Monday – 3658
Tuesday – 3508

Scrivener on Sale and a Guide

Hope your day was good and productive. I’ve been using scrivener for all the writing I’ve done, and I love it. I don’t really know how to use it very well yet.

It’s on sale today – not sure how long the sale is going to last – on Amazon. You can get the Windows or Mac version for half price ($20 and $22.50). Here’s the link – http://www.amazon.com/Literature-Latte-SCRWINREG-Scrivener-Download/dp/B0079KJB54

Also found a great guide for Scrivener today during my wonderings its free from this link – click me.

I’ve mentioned before I’m on the third part of the book and that book has three threads. Today I finished one of them, now two more to go. I wrote 3555 words today, so I’m keeping on pace for the million words this year.

I’ve been pretty busy too – on my ‘real’ job, it’s hard to squeeze everything in. Need to get the first bit edited. My goal is to work on that quite a bit tomorrow. I’m writing it here so I’ll be accountable. Enjoy your evening.