Productive Week – Book 4 Final Edits, Book 7 Done, Started Book 8

Edits-Disruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good week.

Finished writing book 7. Started writing book 8 today (yipee). Book 7 is the longest so far, I think around 140,000 words or so. I noramlly like to set the book aside and let it rest for a bit.

The best news though is got the middle edits in from book 4 and so the final edits will be hopefully done within the next week or two. Again I am super excited. If you haven’t done it yet, it is so very cool to see how the words change from the first time you wrote them, to the final words you see on the page.

As normal for Book 8 I have a rough outline in mind, things that need to happen during the book (I actually have things outlined [roughly] through book 12).

I have also been working on getting the website tweaked a bit, hope that by next week you’ll be able to buy the books from here, if you wish.

I’ll be finishing my part of the edits this weekend, so I’ll be busy, but hope you enjoy yours no matter what you are doing.