Book 8 Finished – Book 4 Paperback available – more stuff

12 Guardians - The Nest Paperback
12 Guardians – The Nest Paperback

Today is one of my favorite days of the week, it may be because a character in one of my books is a camel – you haven’t meet her yet, but I think you’ll like her.

Wrote the last sentence in Book 8 today. I’ll be spending the next three or four days going back over it, adjusting and weaving the threads together and then set it aside to give it a more full edit later. That means hopefully I’ll be starting on Book 9 on Monday. I say hopefully because we may be getting some nasty winter weather (I don’t mind snow, but hate Ice) over the weekend.

Book 4 is now available as a paperback on Amazon with the cool new cover (at least it is better than the ugly one). You can find it at the link below.

12 Guardians – The Nest – Book 4 (plus Austin) (Volume 4)

Books 2 and 3 are on sale for 99 cents. I tried to put book 1 on sale but it didn’t work. The easiest thing to do is go to my Author page, and you can do that from here –

Author Page

Enjoy your day.