Book 5 Final Edits

Summer (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn) Dreaming of this…

Wow what a week. I guess it is winter, and this weekend it will be Spring, but it’s much better than -10 or -30 windchill. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Summer.

I am in the final (last) rounds of edits on Book 5. The tentative title will be Abraham: In the Beginning. It’s a story that takes place after the Nest, but it also includes the story of Abraham (Salome’s husband who died in book 1). I enjoyed writing the book, and I’m enjoying editing the book too. I’ll be sending the edits off to the editor tomorrow, should have it back over the weekend. Next week I’ll be working on the cover and getting it formatted. I’m going to get a proof copy of the paperback, edit it again and then put it up for sale. I have found that doing the final proof edit helps to ensure their aren’t any blatant errors. It also lets me put notes in the margin so I can refer back to it when I need to.

I know I said Feb., but if things go well it may be out by the end of January.

Thanks again for your continued support, we hope you have a wonderful day!