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So… how do I write

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum
Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone asked me recently, how I write. I could have been a goober and told them, one word at a time, but I didn’t. They wanted to know the space I used, how I did it, etc.

I write at my desk. I have a laptop, I think one of these days I’ll get me an Apple, but for now I write at my desk. For our whole conversation we’ll be talking about my first draft. The edits, I’m sitting in the same place, but I do things quite a bit differently. I have a comfortable chair, I’ve had for years. My posture I know isn’t correct but it works for me. I have an L shaped desk, and a table that I can scoot around that holds my keyboard.

No distractions. Turn off facebook and email and if you can, the internet.
Decide how long you want to write. I usually write for two or three hours. If possible it needs to be one block of time.
The first hour will be your slowest, as you get in the grove your second hour will be much better, and if you write a third, then it will be even faster.
Normally I write about 1k words the first hour, then 2500 the second, which meets my goal of 3500 words a day. Some passages will be easier to write than others. Some days you will write better than others, that’s just the way it is, and has been for me.

The important thing to remember is no distractions and then just to sit down and do it. I write hard and fast, don’t worry too much about mistakes. If I need a bit of information I don’t have then I just put question marks and keep writing. I try my best to do the punctuation better, but I don’t really care, I just write.

I’m curious, for those of you who write, how do you do it?