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My editing process

Opening and closing question marks
Opening and closing question marks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still have the cold but it’s getting better. I wanted to talk a bit about the process I use for editing. I’m still working on tweaking it some.

Writing – my  favorite part.
Edit 1 – when I write the first draft, I write as fast as I can. If I don’t know a specific detail – I’ll put a couple of question marks in the document and move on. The first pass I do figures out what the question marks are.
Edit 2 – working on tweaking and tuning. Removing any obvious misspellings. If there are any parts that are difficult to read, I work on tweaking those.
Edit 3 – Done by my editor. This stage mostly looks at the overall work. She gives me a list of things I may need to add to (or take away from). Content Editing
Edit 4 – I work on changing things based on my editors input.
Edit 5 – the Line Edits – again by the editor.
Edit 6 – tweaks done
Edit 7 – Final Proofing by my editor.
Edit 8 – tweaks done and final pass.
Format / Cover / Testing and loading.

I’m still working out how to best do everything.  The good thing is with each edits the red marks on my pages get less and less, until the final proofing which usually only has a few minor changes.