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Summer is winding down

English: A picture of Lexington, Kentucky take...
English: A picture of Lexington, Kentucky taken by helicopter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did, went with my wife and daughter on a road trip. We spent the weekend in Lexington and had a wonderful time. I can’t believe that summer is almost over and Haley will be starting her junior year in high school tomorrow, she’ll be trying for her drivers license in a little over a week. My how time flies. I didn’t get to see her as much as I wanted to this summer, since she was working at her ‘job’ for most of the summer.

Book 7 – work is coming along nicely. If I told you something about it, I think I would give too much of the plot away, so I’ll just say it’s progressing. I finished my first round (two) of edits for book 4 and I should have that to the editor tomorrow for her first round. The editing process is taking a little longer than I thought it would, so that’s why the next book will be out in October, although if you’ve been around me long, you will know if the edits are finished then I’ll be putting it out before then.

After I finish with my bit and send it off, I’ll be working on getting the paperback edition of Guardians 1,2,3 done. I hope to have that done in a week or so. I have been pleasantly surprised by people that have told me they would love to get it as a paper back. I’ll put some notes on my process, how it goes, how easy it was (or wasn’t). Then I think I’ll test the waters for an audio book, I think I might have to read it myself and I’m definitely not sure how that would go…. I don’t know how long my voice would hold out. I may try it anyway, just to test the waters.

One thing I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, with book 4 we’ll be also editing a short story (about 10k words) which we wrote in a day. We’ll be making that available free in a number of different ways.

Have a wonderful evening.