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Sore, but a good day otherwise.

good day sunshine
good day sunshine (Photo credit: eye of einstein)

I’m really sore after yesterdays work a thon. It’s good to get some hard work in, good to get some exercise in as well.

Today was a good day 3556 so a good day. A quick post today. We’re at a good part in the story, One that flows pretty nicely from one bit to the next. I love writing fights, we had a few good fights today. I think probably fights and car / horse / foot chases are my favorite. We did complete one of the projects we had been working on a billed them. Billing is always a good thing. We’re supposed to have some severe storms overnight so hopefully our power will stay on. I can’t imagine writing 3500 words with ink pen, would not be fun. Tomorrow or over the weekend I’ll try to put a timeline of what’s going to be happening.

Enjoy your Evening.