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I’ve had a few people ask if everything is Ok. We had some very bad flash flooding around the area where we live, but everything is ok. They say that we’re in the ring of fire, but I think we’re in the ring of torrential downpours, frequent lightning and hurricane winds. We’ve had storms about every day this week, I hope that today the ring will hit a speed bump and we’ll not get anything. The streams are already full and walking my dog in the yard is like trying to navigate through a swamp. We only live close to a small stream, so we didn’t get flooded, but several people that I know (friends and relatives) were hit. I also can’t believe how hot it’s been this week. Till now we barely had a summer with temps normally in the low 80’s, this week its been all about trying to reach the 100’s. But I’m not complaining, one day all will be perfect.

We’re continuing to work on Book 11 – I will be introducing a new character that I am enjoying quite a bit.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!