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Saturday Night Fun

Topographic map of Egypt. Created with GMT fro...
Topographic map of Egypt. Created with GMT from SRTM data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been a busy week around here. Hope you’re doing well. I did an experiment. I put my first book on Amazon and didn’t do anything to promote it. Guess what, I didn’t sell a single copy. So now this week we’ll work on promoting it a bit and we’ll see how we do.

I’m working hard on book 5, I’ll call it Egypt. I’m having a lot of fun with this book. Yesterday I wrote the ending bit, why you may ask did I write the ending bit, because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and so I put it down. So if you get stuck or keep thinking about a certain portion of your novel, do not hesitate to write it down.

Still lot’s of chaos but we’re working on it. You may see a few different versions of the site over the next several days, I’m trying to find a template I love, and haven’t done that yet.

Here’s the words we’ve done this past week.

Weds – 3617
Thurs – 3505
Friday – 3544Saturday – 3517