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Boston Marathon Conclusions and What I’ve been up to.

MA - Massachusetts State Police
MA – Massachusetts State Police (Photo credit: Inventorchris)

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, but hey we’ve been working hard. Never fear we have met our goal everyday for 3500 words. Today we hit 3610. So what have we been up to –

The Boston Marathon / manhunt – one of the people we work with, her husband is a Captain in the MA State Police Swat Team. So he was really busy last week.  When they finally captured the terrorist at the boat, her hubby was the man guiding the pole on the Bearcat (the armored personel carrier) they had in the backyard. She showed me some pretty cool pictures and videos. You can find some they’ve made available to the public here –


Make sure you check out the video on that page.

She is a good friend, so I was giving her encouragement all of last week. It was really good that things ended well.

Saturday was busy. I’ve been working on getting a book for my wife ready to go on Amazon. Almost have it finished, still need to work on it a bit more tonight after I finish this… see you guys are important.

Sunday got up at 330 am. A wrote quite a bit in the morning, went to church, then during the afternoon we had a birthday for my nephew, can’t believe he is almost 20.  Also on Sunday got a note from my editor confirming when I was going to start work – I’m starting to get excited. I’m on part 3 of the story and should have it finished this week. Part 1 we’ll be rough editing and send it next Monday. Part 2 we’ll be rough editing then sending it the next Monday, Part 3 the same deal. So when all the business is complete we should have 3 shorties ready to rock and roll. It will just take a whole lot of work between now and then, but hey anything worth having is worth working for, or so they tell me.

Anyways that’s the update. Enjoy your evening and keep writing.