Book 12 Update

I’ve almost hit 60,000 words for Book 12. This book has been an interesting journey. I started the book when my Dad was in the hospital, as a way to take my mind off some things. When I started it, I had an idea for another story. The story was based in the hospital, so it was easy to write, as I wrote the story just drifted into the beginning of book 12.

I wrote the first part of the book, then I wrote the end, or almost the end, now I’m going backwards from that point. This book is different because I want to make sure I tie up any loose ends from the story. I’m not sure how long it will be, I’m thinking well over 100k words, since I know I’m not halfway finished yet. I also want to make sure that I wrap everything up in a nice package and put a bow on it for all of the people that have followed the story for 12 books.

After I finish the story – I write 2k words, 5 / days / week, I plan on going editing the books, making sure that I don’t have any plot holes and then starting the intense editing process that finishes a book. I hope that will start in the summer, but we’ll see.

Enjoy your week.