A Quick Update

popsI just wanted to give you a quick update.

On October 18th my Dad had a accident. He cracked his skull, broke 5 ribs, and cracked two vertebraes in his back. Since then he has spent some time in the local hospital, then was flown to a larger hospital in Lexington KY. He spent some time on the vent, had surgery on his back, and is now stable. Currently he is off the vent, he has a trach, and NG tube for feeding he is more alert now, but it has been a slow process and will continue to be a marathon instead of a sprint.

I am continuing to write, although the process is a bit slower. I hope that soon he will be doing his physical therapy (in patient) at a local hospital. If that happens it would make it much easier since we don’t have to travel two hours (one way) to see him.

In this month of Thankfulness, I’m thankful that he is still alive, and that we have been surrounded by a host of friends, family, loved ones who have supported us every step of the way. I can’t ask for anything more.

I will keep you posted as things happen. I had planned on having Book 6 finished, the editing for it hasn’t started yet. For those of you waiting I thank you for your patience.