A contract

contract-headerSo the contract has arrived. The book will be published October / November of this year. Don’t worry I’ll make sure to post a link. It was pretty standard, giving them the rights to the little story in any type of book / audio. I keep the rights to any movie deals :-). Like I mentioned before the main reason I did this was to get some new eyes looking at the 12 Guardians, we’ll see if my experiment works or not.

The lady I’ve been working with also explained that while they have the rights to the story I’ve written, they don’t have the rights to the experience, the thing that happened to me when I was seven, which the story is based on. This made me feel much better.

This week I’ve also started reviewing the first books of my series, this is to make sure that I don’t goof in future books. If things go according to plans then we’ll start editing book six in July. Enjoy your week!